About BERG

Bristol Education Research Group

Safeguarding and Wellbeing for Children and Young People in Bristol Schools

Bristol Education Research Group is a group of academics, former teachers, youth workers, parents and grandparents.

The primary focus of the group is to challenge the prevailing assumptions regarding trans identified children and young people.  These ideas have been widely disseminated by organisations such as Stonewall and Mermaids in school staff training sessions, in materials for use in lessons and in books and cartoons provided for children as young as 3 in nursery schools.

Gender non-conforming children, or those who may be lesbian or gay are at risk of being led down a pathway to gender identity ideology which denies same sex attraction and can lead to dangerous medical interventions.

We are very concerned that children should have rights to single sex spaces – particularly young women and girls including young lesbians. Protections as listed in the Equality Act 2010, are being ignored and this has serious implications for the safeguarding of both male and female individuals.

A further area of interest is the new curriculum for PSHE lessons, and some of the materials produced for use by pupils in schools, bearing in mind there is no longer a parental right to remove a child from these lessons.

We have contacted all the Bristol secondary schools, as well as people in Bristol City Council, and we welcome contact from parents of children attending these schools who have a right to information about their child’s education.

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