Schools are not neutral in the transitioning of children

Since January BERG has supported parents to write to local schools about the content of their RSE curricula, about a visiting author’s book that celebrates a parent transitioning, about encouraging primary school children to use preferred pronouns and about a picture book that tells primary school children that a teddy bear will be happy if he changes into a girl.

These are day to day occurrences in primary and secondary schools across the country and yet many parents remain in ignorance of the gender identity ideology that has captured their children’s school.

We should be able to entrust our children into the care of professionals when we leave them at the school gate.  We do not expect them to be indoctrinated into a quasi-religious belief that cannot be questioned.  Yet this is happening, and it’s being left to grass roots groups of parents and activists such as ourselves to challenge this. 

Schools play a key role in the socialisation of children. So how is it that heads are allowing this material into schools and safeguarding leads are not screaming in despair? Where are the voices of teachers?  Have they become so cowed by the prevailing dogma that they cannot speak the truth?  The responses that we have received to our letters have been dismissive or defensive.  Is it because schools really don’t know what they are doing or don’t they understand the potential damage that they can cause?

The following Twitter thread describes the impossible situation that schools are in when it comes to the RSE curriculum:

The recently published interim Cass report has highlighted the role that schools play in the transitioning of children. Safe Schools Alliance has today published a summary of the report

It’s important that anyone who has anything to do with services for or teaching of children reads the report. The full report will go into more detail about the role schools play in the transitioning of children, but this is an indicator of what’s to come.

Schools are not neutral in this.

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